Site Design Tips

⚖️ Tip #1: Keep Left & Right Columns Balanced

Almost every block is easily re-sizable. Your page will look best when you utilize 2 columns and have the heights of the left side & right side be equal.

This block is designed to match the height of the content on the left, just like this:

👱‍♂️ Tip #2: Use Headers

Header blocks are a great way to break up the page. You can see the way we split up all the tips on this page with them.

🐶 Tip #3: Use Emojis

🐶 In Headers or In Text Block Titles

When you use emoji's in your headers or titles it can give the page more personality. We'll be adding a button for this soon, but in the meantime you can use your keyboard:

  • Mac: "fn" key
  • Windows: "logo + ." key

🐶 Tip #4: Make it Four Column

Both image blocks and link blocks let you go to smaller sizes that create cool 4 column layouts. When you go to mobile view it also looks more interesting! Here's a sample:

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