Student Portfolio Tips and Tricks

Click these easy-to-use resources that will help you create a compelling student portfolio.

How To Make A Student Portfolio and Use Your Link (2 min read)

This simple, step-by-step guide shows you how to design your page and then, once completed, how to use your Muse link to connect all of your presence and content across the web.

How To Make An Elevator Pitch Video (5 min read)

Creating a compelling elevator pitch video for your Muse page is an excellent way to share your narrative. This site guides you through the process. (2 minute read)

Search & Find Inspiration for Your Portfolio in Muse Discover

Muse Discover offers a curated collection of student portfolios for inspiration.

You have the opportunity to explore these examples and even copy them into your own account, helping you to use these examples to craft a personalized portfolio that resonates with your individual style and goals.

Ready to try it out and make your own portfolio? Click this link! 😉

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