What's the difference between Stripe Disputes and Stripe Inquiries?

Navigating transactions and customer interactions on Stripe involves understanding the distinctions between disputes and inquiries.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you differentiate between the two:

Stripe Inquiries vs. Stripe Disputes

Definition An inquiry arises when a customer has questions or concerns regarding a specific transaction. It’s not yet escalated to a formal dispute. A dispute occurs when a customer questions a payment, often due to issues like unauthorized transactions, non-receipt of products/services, or dissatisfaction with the purchase.
Initiation Inquiries can be initiated by customers through the Stripe dashboard or by contacting their bank. They may occur due to misunderstandings about the transaction or unrecognized charges. Disputes are initiated by customers through their bank or card issuer, leading to a chargeback request.
Process Inquiries do not follow a formal dispute resolution process. They serve as opportunities for you to engage with customers, clarify details, and resolve issues promptly. Stripe manages disputes through a structured process where evidence can be submitted by both parties—the customer (cardholder) and the merchant (you). Stripe acts as an intermediary to facilitate communication and reach a resolution.
Recommendation It's advisable to communicate with the customer promptly to address their concerns and prevent the inquiry from escalating into a dispute. N/A

FAQs about Inquiries vs Disputes:

Q: Can inquiries turn into disputes?

    • Yes, unresolved inquiries may escalate into disputes if the customer remains dissatisfied. Proactive communication and prompt resolution can help prevent this escalation.

Q: How are inquiries different from disputes?

    • Inquiries are less severe than disputes and are opportunities for customers to seek clarification or express concerns before taking formal action.

Understanding these distinctions helps you effectively manage customer interactions and maintain positive relationships while using Stripe for your transactions.

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