What is the Pending Section in my Income tab?

The Pending Section includes two different types of balances:

  1. Transactions still processing
      • This type of "Pending" balance will be constantly changing. As soon as a transaction is made via your store, the funds go through Stripe's payment processor where they are validated and eventually settled into your Stripe account.
      • This process usually takes a 2-3 business days to be fully processed and ready for cash out.
      • Under the "Settings" button you may see something like "Stripe funds will become available after 7 days" . The above message means that if you sell something on Monday the following Monday those funds will be ready to cash out. This message is here to give some better clarity on when you can cash out your funds.
  1. Open Disputes
      • When your customer decides to dispute a transaction with you, Stripe immediately deducts the funds from your account balance and puts them on hold during the dispute process.
      • These funds will remain in Pending until your customers bank has made a final decision from the dispute evidence. Disputes typically take up to 60-90 days to be resolved.
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