How can I add the Affiliate Program to my Muse e-Commerce?

Here's how you can add the Affiliate Program to your Muse e-Commerce:

    • Login to your Muse account, click on My Store tab
    • Click the blue +Add Product button
    • Select the Product that says Muse Affiliate Link

Now that your affiliate link is added to your Muse Store, anyone who visits your store and signs up for Muse using your link will be tracked as one of your affiliates!

🚨Heads up: If you update your username, your referral link will also update alongside that. Make sure to repost your new referral link following those changes so that you continue to receive credit for your referrals!

Your previous referrals will not be affected and we can continue to track those. 🤩

Referral Commission Breakdown

    • Depending on the plan level that your referrer signs up for, you can make one of the following for every referral that joins Muse!
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