How to Create your First eCommerce Site

Starting a new eCommerce on Muse is simple and offers a range of options to suit your needs. Muse provides the tools to get you started quickly and efficiently!

Getting Started with Your eCommerce Site:

Step 1: Setting Up your First Site

  • Upon signing up, you will automatically be redirected to your first site entitled "My First Site"
    • Since we are creating an eCommerce Site, click on Sell a Product. This allows you to create an eCommerce Site that is Accessible to everyone

Step 2: Select the type of product you would like to sell

  • Types of Products you can make on Muse:
    • Digital Download: Selling downloadable products, such as eBooks, digital art, music, or software
    • Member Area: Allows you to offer exclusive content to your subscribers
    • Course: Create and sell online courses
    • Physical Goods: Sell tangible products
    • Other: Offer consulting, coaching, design, or any other professional service

Step 3: Choose how to start your Muse site

There are 3 ways to start your Muse site:

  1. Blank Page: Start from scratch and fully customize your website
  2. Muse Templates: Choose from starter templates that best match your vision and easily customize them to make them uniquely yours. Currently, there are 8 templates that you can get started with:
      • Student portfolio
      • Business site
      • Photo album
      • Link in bio
      • Blog post
      • Landing page
      • Travel journal
      • Favorites
  3. Muse AI: Enter a prompt to tell Muse AI what you want on your page. Muse AI will create a page with pre-written content and photos based on your prompt.

Tip: The more descriptive your prompt in Muse AI, the better the results. Review and edit the AI-generated content to personalize your website and ensure it aligns with your unique style and preferences.

To learn more about Muse AI and how to use it, please visit this link.

Step 4: Build and Format your Site

Once you have set up a site, you may proceed to building and formatting it just the way you want it! To learn more about how to do this, please refer to this help article:

How to Build and Manage Pages

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