Creating and Managing Sub-pages

Creating and managing sub-pages on your Muse site is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create and manage sub-pages on your Muse site:

Step 1: Create your main/parent page

For more information on how to create this, please refer to this help article: How to Create a Site

Step 2: Manage your site Pages

  • Click on "Pages"

  • Note: If you are not currently editing a site, simply go to this link: (you must be logged in) and click on "Edit" on the site you wish to add a subpage to.

Step 3: Add a Subpage

From the menu options, click on “Add Subpage.” This will initiate the process of creating a new sub-page under an existing page on your site.

    • Note: You may also create sub-pages of sub-pages and sub-sub-pages up to six (6) levels deep

Step 4: Select a Starting Point

  • This will create a sub-page where you can add content and customize as needed.

Managing sub-pages on your Muse site enhances its structure and usability, allowing for a more organized and navigable experience for your visitors.

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently create and customize sub-pages to suit your content needs. Keep exploring and utilizing these features to make the most out of your Muse site, ensuring it remains dynamic and user-friendly. Happy designing!

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