About Collaboration

Whether you want to share your page with the world or limit access to select collaborators, Muse offers flexible options to suit your needs.

Here’s how you can manage collaboration:

  • Making Your Page Public or Private
    • Public: Share your page with everyone. It becomes viewable to all, allowing for broader engagement and exposure.
    • Private: Restrict access to invited editors and viewers. Only those with an invitation email can access and contribute to your page.

Steps to Enable Collaboration:

  • Make Your Page Public or Private
    • Choose between making your page public or private based on your sharing preferences and audience.
  • Access Editing Options
    • On the bottom right corner of your page, click “Edit” to access the editing interface.

Benefits of Collaborating in Muse:

  • Work together with Others on your sites
    • Work together seamlessly with colleagues, clients, or partners to create and refine your site content.
  • Adding Editors and Viewers
    • Invite individuals to collaborate as editors or viewers, depending on their role and level of involvement.
  • Managing Permissions
    • Maintain control over who can edit and view your site by managing permissions effectively.

By leveraging collaboration features in Muse, you can streamline teamwork, enhance productivity, and create polished websites that reflect your collective vision.

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