Roles, Permissions, and Managing Collaborators

In Muse, you have control over who can access and edit your pages. Once you’ve added collaborators, you can configure their access levels to ensure the right balance of involvement. Here’s how it works:

Configuring Access Levels:

    • Viewer: Viewers can access your page regardless of its visibility settings. They can view the content but cannot make edits.
    • Editor: Editors have the authority to edit your page, regardless of its visibility settings. They can modify the content and make changes as needed.

Steps to Manage Collaborators:

  1. Navigate to the Collaboration Settings
  1. Configure Access: Click on the button next to their name to assign them as Viewer or Editor based on their role and level of involvement.
  1. Remove Collaborators: If necessary, you can remove collaborators from the list to revoke their access.

By managing roles, permissions, and collaborators effectively, you can ensure smooth collaboration and maintain control over your pages' content and integrity in Muse.

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